You can find three R-packages on my github, which implement statistical inference methods based on the Gaussian Kinematic formula and other approaches.

  • Sample fields: can be used to generate different types of data
  • RFT: implements the basic
  • SIRF: Statistical Inference for Random Fields implements inferential methods, such as simultaneous Confidence Bands. It will also contain CoPE sets in the future.

RFTtoolbox (beta) for MATLAB

The RFTtoolbox contains code to generate smooth Gaussian, t and F fields (with a zero or non-zero mean, the peaks of which can be specified) on a lattice of arbitrary size accounting for the edge effect. As well as signal generation: allowing specification of peaks with a variety of atributes (location, radius, height). It will soon contain code to perform clusterwise inference and analysis, thresholding using LKCs, generation of convolution fields and many more features.